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Drug treatment centers play an important role in treating drug and alcohol addiction, with various programs in place to help addicts get clean and live a healthy life. These programs deal with the full range of drug addiction problems, from binge drinking and behavior addictions through to prescription drug abuse and severe physical addiction.

Drug treatment centers are available throughout the United States, with some facilities limiting admission based on age and gender and others open to everyone. Find one for yourself or someone you care about by calling Alcohol Treatment Centers Joliet at 815-531-1829.

What is an Addiction?

An addiction is defined as a compulsive state where people engage with rewarding stimuli despite the existence of adverse consequences. Addictions are thought to be either a disease or a specific kind of biological process, with a number of theories examining the relationship between addictions and free will.

Whether someone is addicted to a certain behavior or a particular substance, the two common properties that define an addictive state are the existence of positively reinforcing stimuli and the existence of intrinsically rewarding stimuli.

Positively reinforcing stimuli increase the likelihood of repeated exposure, with rewarding stimuli activating the brains “reward pathways”. Addictions change neuroplasticity in the brain, becoming learned behaviors that function through a feedback system that is very difficult to break.

Drug and alcohol treatment centers have a range of programs in place to help people break free, from the initial stages of intervention and detox through to the later stages of behavioral therapy and relapse prevention.

Addiction Statistics

The abuse of drugs and alcohol cause a lot of problems in society, from the physical problems of addiction itself through to a range of social and economic problems in the wider community.

The abuse of tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs is very costly to the United States, with more than $700 billion spent annually in costs related to crime, lost productivity and health care.

Alcohol use disorders alone affect almost 17 million people across the country, with 9.2 percent of the population admitting to using an illicit drug sometime in the last month.

Secondary Addictions

Secondary addictions and co-occurring disorders are a big problem in drug treatment, with some people abusing more than one drug simultaneously and others suffering from co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders.

The doctors and medical staff at drug treatment centers can evaluate patients for a range of conditions before admission, making sure they receive the appropriate medication and guidance for their individual disorder. For example, substance abuse disorders are often paired with behavior addictions, with therapy and relapse prevention programs needing to account for both addictions to ensure a full recovery.

Residential vs Out-patient treatment

Both residential and out-patient programs are available from drug treatment centers, with different approaches needed depending on the situation. Residential programs may be necessary for long-term addicts and those with an extensive history of drug use, with out-patient treatment more appropriate for people with less extensive problems.

Drugs like heroin and alcohol that have a physical withdrawal syndrome often require intensive residential treatment, with patients needing access to doctors and prescriptions to help manage the withdrawal process. Medication treatment is a big part of many drug treatment programs, with counseling and behavioral therapy also effective on an out-patient basis.

To learn more about the treatment options that are available to you, call Alcohol Treatment Centers Joliet at 815-531-1829.

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