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Marijuana Addiction Treatment Joliet

Marijuana Addiction Treatment Joliet

Even though the cannabis plant, more commonly referred to as marijuana, does not have an addictive component, marijuana addiction is still a possibility and problem.  Developing marijuana dependence can cause the same types of problems in a person’s life as an addiction to a harder drug, impacting employment, relationships, as well as family and loved ones.  Marijuana dependence is a treatable condition and many rehab facilities have multiple options when it comes to each individual’s needs.  Depending on the length and severity of a person’s marijuana dependence, out-patient and residential programs each have their benefits and each type of treatment can help a person break free and move forward with their life in a positive way.

Marijuana also known as pot, weed, chronic among many other street names, is the most widely used illicit drug in the United States.  However, the illicit label is beginning to change, and several states have legalized marijuana for both medical and recreational use.  Government officials in favor of legalization laws see it as a win-win situation.  Law enforcement personnel no longer need to spend time chasing down individuals for possessing or smoking a single joint and marijuana sales are now controlled and more importantly taxed in those states.  Even in states where pot is not legal, the level of the offense for possession has been dropped to a minor charge.  As pot comes from the cannabis plant and can be grown almost anywhere, it is readily available adding to the popularity of its use.  Additionally, especially for those who are experimenting with the drug or use it infrequently with friends, there is basically no danger of an overdose, as there is with almost every other abused substance.

Pot has been called a gateway drug for decades, meaning that it leads people to use other, harder drugs.  The use of other substances once you’ve tried or habitually use one drug is common, no matter what the first drug may be.  However, counseling young people about the dangers of experimenting with drugs, even if they have already tried weed, is a top priority of the drug abuse treatment community.

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