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Joliet Addiction Treatment

Joliet Addiction Treatment

Joliet addiction treatment centers offer rehab programs for drug addiction. No one is immune to this condition; it affects millions of people each year. Our staff understands this, which is why we only offer the best treatment and aftercare programs to our patients. Don’t let addiction take over your life. Contact Joliet drug treatment centers to learn more about your options for recovery. Call (815) 531-1829 today.

Different Types of Chemical Addiction

Drugs can be grouped into 3 different classes; Class A, Class B, and Class C. Below are some examples of each.

Class A

Heroin, Cocaine and Ecstasy are all examples of Class A drugs. Possession and distribution of such substances bring with them the toughest reprimanding by the law. This is in direct correlation with the dangers associated with them. Class A’s are by most accounts, the worst offenders when it comes to health implications.

Class B

Marijuana is an example of a Class B substance. Marijuana is smoked and gives the user feelings of relaxation and spaciness. Long term usage is  quite damaging, particularly on ones mental health. Cases of depression as a result of chronic cannabis use are widely reported.

Class C 

Class C drugs include drugs that are often prescribed by doctors. If used in an unprescribed manner, this is considered illegal activity. Examples of Class C drugs are steroids and valium.

What Happens in Inpatient Rehabilitation?

A person learns how to cope with life and stress without turning to addictive substances. They may receive Joliet drug detox for the mental health disorder as well as the addiction. The person learns about triggers and develops a plan on how to deal with them. Therapists help the person create goals for life after treatment.

Once rehab is completed, the person may continue with outpatient therapy or join an addiction support group. This provides ongoing support and education to help prevent relapse. Addiction is not a curable disease, but the person learns different ways of coping with the condition without giving in to temptation.

Choosing an Inpatient Facility

Some inpatient facilities only require a few weeks’ commitment while others may be for 90 days or even longer. How long you need to stay will depend on many factors, including what you can afford and how strong the addiction is.

Outside recovery programs like Narcotics Anonymous ( lets addicts share their experiences and determine why they started using drugs. Seeking help at alcohol treatment centers in Joliet is the first step in overcoming addiction. Take the time to learn about your choices to ensure that you choose a facility that meets your needs.