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Joliet Addiction Intervention

Joliet Addiction Intervention

Joliet addiction intervention programs are widely available in the area. If someone in your life has been struggling with substance abuse or trying to hide a drug abuse problem, you may be thinking about staging an addiction intervention. When used properly and with care, such an addiction intervention can be very effective. It is important to think things out carefully, however, and not rush into this delicate process.

The purpose of an addiction intervention is easy to understand. Friends and loved ones are concerned about the individual and their drinking or drug use, and they want to convince the person to get the help they need. If all goes well, the results of the addiction intervention will be a stay in a residential drug treatment facility or treatment in an outpatient facility designed to address substance abuse problems.

Specialists at Joliet rehab and recovery programs provide addiction interventions. To learn more, please call (815) 531-1829.

How to Conduct a Successful Intervention

One of the most important things to address when staging an intervention is who should attend. The main purpose of the intervention is to let the substance abuser see how their behavior is impacting the people they love the most. Staging an intervention with friends and family members present is one of the best ways to drive this vital message home.

What Are the Types of Interventions?

There is more than one kind of intervention, and in many cases a combination approach will be used. An informal intervention could be as simple as a concerned friend or family member discussing the substance abuse and drug addiction. That kind of informal approach may be enough to get the individual into treatment, but in other cases further help may be needed.

A formal intervention may follow, with the aforementioned friends and family members sharing their stories and urging the individual to get the help they need. This kind of formal intervention may be needed, especially if the individual has been abusing drugs or alcohol for a long time.

What Are the Various Intervention Models?

Joliet alcohol rehab offers two intervention models available for those concerned about a drug addicted friend or family member. Direct confrontation is just what it sounds like — directly confronting the individual about their drug use and insisting that they get treatment. Indirect confrontation is more subtle but it can be just as effective. Friends or family members may discuss drug addiction and drop hints about local treatment options.

The professionals at alcohol and drug detox centers in Joliet can get your loved one get back on their feet by helping you stage an intervention. Call today!